The Iowa City Downtown District

The history of Iowa City runs deep.  The passion and rhetoric around Downtown Iowa City arguably runs deeper.  That's why history was made in 2012 by a majority of Downtown and Northside Marketplace businesses and property owners when they collectively petitioned to establish a Self-Sustainaing Metropolitan Improvement District - now deemed the Iowa City Downtown District.

Who We Are

The Iowa City Downtown District is comprised of property owners and businesses that are geographically represented in two distinct neighborhoods:  Downtown Iowa City and the Northside Marketplace.

Established in 2012, the Iowa City Downtown District was formed as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization to serve as a champion for this geographic region.  The Downtown District provides a leadership directive that advocates for the District mission and serves as a mechanism to more efficiently implement District-wide marketing, programs, events, and projects to the benefit of all the businesses within it, the University of Iowa, community members, and the region at large (the Creative Corridor).  Since its inception, the Downtown District continues to forge an exciting and deliberate path forward towards cultural vibrancy, resiliency, and sustainability.