After one year of extreme economic disruptions the Iowa City Downtown District (ICDD) is planning for the potential and possibilities of the future. The ICDD has released the organization’s recovery brief that includes a snapshot of observations locally and opportunities to reposition past plans to allow for better future outcomes. The immediate priorities identified for the Iowa City Downtown District are focused on strengthening inclusivity and accessibility, resources and support for the business community, and growing the experiences available in the downtown environment.

WELCOME: STRENGTHEN INCLUSIVITY. As Downtown strives to recover economically from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a lens for social equity and what it means to feel “safe” will be a critical component of recovering and growing better together. Under a variety of programs, partnerships and initiatives, advocating, supporting existing groups while assisting in reimagining safety will drive these recovery efforts.

SHAPE: STRENGTHEN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. Recognizing new ways and opportunities to support restaurant, retail, and property owners in partnership with the City of Iowa City will not only provide needed resources and confidence in downtown Iowa City but provide an easy recruitment for new tenants. Investment in properties, retail delivery, e-commerce are just some of the new programs that will provide this focus.

DRAW: STRENGTHEN DESTINATION. Creating flexible environments that provide year-around experiences through landscape amenities, public art, and programming. Investments and partnerships will work to explore winter design, new areas for public use, and flexible streets planning.

Review the entire Iowa City Downtown District’s recovery brief here…