Downtown Iowa City is a place to experience richness — to taste, feel, and discover the diverse, beautiful, and original. In celebration of the special people that bring this vibrancy to our community, get to know the owners, or “Shopping Geniuses,” behind your favorite shops — the makers, curators, and experience-creators. For more content and installments in the series look below!

Joni Schrup

Owner of Discerning Eye

Mark Weaver

Owner of Active Endeavors

Catherine Champion

Owner of Catherine's

Cassidy Bell

Manager of 10,000 Villages in Iowa City

Karen Kubby

Owner of Beadology Iowa

Zach Power

Owner of Daydreams Comics

Sandy Novales

Owner of Dulcinea

Abby Restko

Owner of Glassando

Terry Dickens

Owner of Herteen and Stocker Jewelers

Nialle Sylvan

Owner of Haunted Bookshop

Bill Nusser

Owner of Hands Jewelers

Mark Ginsberg

Owner of M.C. Ginsberg

Aurora Matt

Manager of Tailgate

Niki Neems

Owner of rsvp

Sheila Davisson

Owner of Revival


Owner of Textiles

Reid McDonald

Owner of McDonald Optical

Doug Alberhasky

Manager of John's Grocery