2023 Spring Gallery Walk

Friday, March 3rd, 2023 - 5:00 - 8:00pm

The Iowa City Gallery Walk is back for another year! For over 20 years, this event has taken over downtown and filled your favorite businesses with wonderful works of art. Make a day of it and grab a bite to eat, shop, and gallery walk in beautiful downtown Iowa City! The 2023 Downtown Spring Gallery Walk is Friday, March 3rd from 5:00 – 8:00pm. This FREE event is open to everyone to enjoy a self-guided tour of shops, galleries, and other locations that have curated featured artists and pieces of art.

Visit various venues during the Gallery Walk for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to one of the shops! In order to qualify, participants will have to print out the Gallery Walk postcard or map and have it stamped at each location visited. Simply present the mailer card for a “punch” at the Gallery Walk locations. Completed cards may be dropped off at any participating venue. A winner will be selected and notified the following week once cards have been collected.

2023 Spring Gallery Walk artsits, shops, and exhibits will be announced soon!

  • 223 Baby Co.Thomas Agran: “Somewhere over the Mural” – Fun and colorful mural that is our background of the store.
  • AKARGerry Eskin: Ceramics by Gerry Eskin from the Iowa City home of Sandy and Gerry Eskin-Gerry Eskin was a studio potter who maintained studios in Iowa City and Iowa. His wife Sandy is selling their home and these are the pots from his home studio.
  • The ArtiFactoryKimberlee Rocca: “Pivot” – Kimberlee Rocca will share her creative journey from 2 dimensional foil and mixed media works into a world of wall sculpture reliefs and 3 Dimensional free-standing sculptures. “Pivot” is an interactive exhibit, presentation and discussion as Rocca opens her world of creativity for hands on exploration and participation from visitors.
  • Blick Art MaterialsJoe Heuermann: Nightmare Imagery: The Art of Extreme Metal 2018-2022– A retrospective collection of works commissioned for extreme metal bands around the world by IC based artist Joe Heuermann working under the alias Nightmare Imagery. Work based in the roots of underground heavy metal illustration mixed with dark surrealism. Painting, Illustration, Sculpture, T-Shirts.
  • Field & FinchJanet Hill: “The Miss Moon Series: Lessons from a Dog Governess
  • Get FreshCandice Broersma
  • GlassandoAndreas Soemadi: Mathematical ArtMathematical code based drawing.
  • Iowa Artisans GalleryMary Moye-Rowley & Celine Hartwig: All the Light We Can See: Artistic Visions Shared Over BooksCeline Hartwig and Mary Moye-Rowley met 25 years ago in an Iowa City book club. Mary is an artist known for her photo-realism, and Celine is a photographer known for her artistic photos. Both love exploring the play of light in their art.
  • Iowa City Senior CenterRita Tomanek, Nicholas Chakley, and Cheryll Clamon: “Old Post Office Gallery: Yours, Mine, and Ours / Top Floor Gallery Photography by Clamon” – Yours, Mine, Ours a joint show with Rita Tomanek and grandson Nicholas Chakley. Photography by Clamon is Cheryll Clamon.
  • M.C. GinsbergDiego, Tomas, and Charie Lasanksy, and Adam RakeMC Ginsberg is excited to partner with the Lasansky family for the 2022 Gallery Walk in Iowa City. Featuring artwork by Diego Lasansky, Tomás Lasansky, Charlie Lasansky, and Adam Rake. This show will feature a selection of new works.
  • MERGELocal Artists: Chloe Allgood, Jay Provorse, Howard Hinton Photography, and Jeff McNutt
  • MidWestOne BankSue Hettmansperger: Entanglement SeriesThe artwork Sue creates continues her lifelong investigation of physics, biological systems, and the problematic relationship of humans to their environment.
  • Public Space OneNicholas Cladis: no coming, no going” – A site-specific, community-fueled installation that references Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s eponymous sermon, in which he describes the nature of the universe with a sheet of paper.
  • r.s.v.p.Julie Leonard, Book Artist, Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor, UICB, SLISAccumulated Dreams” – Mesostics (a form popularized by John Cage) made around words with associations to three American landscapes, the mid-west prairie, the northeast coastline, and the southern mountain ranges. Small wire armatures dipped in paper pulp are suspended between the columns of poems.
  • Sweets and TreatsCity High Art Department – We will present a variety of work, drawing, printmaking, glass, ceramics.
  • Ten Thousand VillagesBridget Brown: “MiscellanyThis collection of pieces from the past six years represents my efforts to translate the human experience into images both abstract and realistic. In this process, I have experimented with media including charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, ceramics, fiber, and more, often drawing from themes and designs found in the natural world.
  • Textiles Inc.James Bass: Works in Charcoal, Pastel, and AcrylicThe pieces you see at Textiles are among my more decorative works, but nonetheless display my emphasis on realistic technique. After a long hiatus I returned to the visual arts about six years ago. Though my energies are focused on rendering realistic subjects, my choice of subjects is guided by intuition and not any particular theme, thus the variety of subjects you see on the walls around you. James Bass has a PhD. in American Literature and has taught as well as having worked as a medical writer and editor.
  • The James TheaterDeb Talan, Kyle Sydney Powell: “Landscapes of Light and Presence” – Inspired by our wanderings in nature (sometimes together!), this show is an exploration of landscape and organic forms. Kyle’s pieces put a figure in a natural setting, and invite us into her musings on our place in the world. Deb’s paintings stem from a desire to play with repeating elemental patterns in Nature. Creating this past year has felt like joyful rebellion. We are all the caterpillar goo-ified in the chrysalis right now. Let’s turn into something beautiful. Love, Deb and Kyle.
  • T.SpoonsCity High Art Department: “New Art from City High Art Department” – We will present drawing, printmaking, glass, ceramics.
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Art History at MERGE – Ivy Jewell, Avrill Gratton, Eliza Link, Alyson Holevoet, Jessie Hambrick, Madelynne Langridge, Sheridan Klingensmith, Lilly Keuter, Olivia Ahrens, Nikita Bailey: “University of Iowa Ceramics Students – The New Era” – Installation of works by BFA majors in Ceramics at The University of Iowa School of Art and Art History.