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Nighttime Mayor Monthly Spotify Playlist:

ListenIC typically relies on existing concert bookings for the current month to determine what’s on the playlist. However, during this time of social distancing there are no concerts. We decided to take this moment to showcase all the artists from the Iowa area that frequent Downtown District venues. Did you know we had this many locals? It’s a lot of playlist! Listen to it while you cook, read, clean, or just chill. Enjoy ListenICApril2020

Live Music Venues:

It Happened Downtown:

Joe Reilly, Downtown Iowa City’s Nighttime Mayor has been working in partnership with downtown venues and Little Village Magazine to meet, welcome and interview artists bringing unique and captivating performances to downtown. Part of this work has included a new video series called, “It Happened Downtown” that will showcase sitdown interviews with the artists as they prepare to perform in Iowa City. The series aims to show off the incredible talent and entertainment that downtown Iowa City’s nightlife hosts.  Watch the full videos here…


Through a collaboration with Think Iowa City, Iowa City Area Development Group, Iowa City Area Business Partnership and the Iowa City Downtown District, we're providing continued updates and resources for COVID-19 related information.

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