Northside Oktoberfest

Thank you to Northside Oktoberfest in a Box sponsor, Fly CID, and everyone who supported the 2020 at-home experience. While things were different this year, we had the best time handing out all 600 boxes. We hope you had fun and enjoyed the box and all the Northside treats inside it. Please note that your purchase of Northside Oktoberfest in a Box made a direct impact on the Northside businesses and the Breweries that have been apart of this festival for the past 25 years. Because of you, there was an impact of over $60,000 to the Northside businesses. Stay tuned to see what we come up with for next year. Prost!

We invite you, the family, and all of your friends to join us for another year of Northside Oktoberfest! Unfortunately, we will not be hosting the 25th anniversary, on the beautiful Northside neighborhood. For the safety and well-being of our attendees & community, this year, we will be celebrating the 24 ½ anniversary of Northside Oktoberfest & Iowa City BrewFest in a completely new way. This year we’re changing it up and giving you some new things while keeping the old favorites.

For 2020, we will be offering Northside Oktoberfest in a Box, sponsored by Fly CID. The Box will feature & support the breweries and businesses that have been the backbone of the event over the last 25 years. Although we are not able to celebrate the Northside Oktoberfest in-person, you can still enjoy local beers, in addition to your favorite treats from the Northside neighborhood. Each Northside Oktoberfest Box is built for 2 people to enjoy. 


The Northside Oktoberfest Box includes:

  • 12-pack of unique beers from 12 Iowa breweries, including custom Northside Oktoberfest beers only available via this bundle
  • (2) Custom Dirty John’s glasses
  • Pretzels
  • Bake at home Pagiliai’s Pizza of your choice
  • Salt Sisters: Mama Mia’s Herb Blend Pizza Seasoning from Prairie Kitchen Store
  • (1) Bottle of wine from Brix & Cheese Shop, a choice between white or red
  • $15 Gift Card for Dinner from a Northside neighborhood restaurant
  • $15 Gift Card to a Northside neighborhood shop

***Please read the full details when making an order so you can CUSTOMIZE your own box.

Northside Oktoberfest Boxes will be available for pick-up on three dates. When placing your order, please remember to select which pick-up date you prefer:

  • (SOLD OUT) September 18 – Be a 2020 Northside Oktoberfest VIP! The first 200 ticket buyers for this date will receive a handmade wooden crate and upgraded tasting glass, so reserve yours now and order your box!
  • September 25
  • October 2

Stay tuned for the list of brews and to see if your favorite Northside businesses will have anything special to go along with your one-of-a-kind Northside Oktoberfest Box.

Prost! 🍻


***Please note, NO shipping or refunds are available for Northside Oktoberfest in a Box.

The Best of Northside Oktoberfest From Years Past

THANK YOU to the 2020 Northside Oktoberfest sponsors

for making this event possible!