CHOMP Delivery is Iowa City’s new favorite way to order meals from local restaurants by ordering on the web, or through CHOMP’s mobile app. Pick it up or get it delivered, depending on your mood. CHOMP provides you with a quick, reliable delivery service no matter where you are in the Iowa City area. Our goal is to help restaurants in Iowa City reach you when you are hungry by making delicious local food more accessible. In the end, we just ask that you “Enjoy Vigorously.”

CHOMP was founded in 2017 by two homegrown midwestern guys with a passion for good food and great times. It’s owned and operated by 20 of the busiest delivery restaurants in the Iowa City region and has another 30 restaurants signed up to use it’s service. Whether you are busy watching a football game, putting together a client presentation, swamped with finals, or learning math from your 3rd grader, we have you covered.