Lux interior with neon martini sign
Martini at a bar
Martini on an outdoor patio
a picture frame with live moss
3 Burlesque Performers
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
a painting made with a cottom swab
a duck telling a joke on a microphone
promotional poster
doors downtown iowa city public art
Writers of Color Reading Series
two stylish women
a man and child on stairs
two men in a field
Han Solo Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker
Man juggling ball on his forehead
Three people peaking over a fence
Screen Printing
woman driving in car
Promotional Poster
trees in spring
Childrens Choir
Book Cover
Promotional Poster
Board Games
Watercolor Fish
Weber Days
children jumping in the woods
paper ice cream cones
paper bowl jelly fish
Decrative Snails
Paper Tulip Card
Mayday Baskets
Book Cover
Melissa Febos
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
book cover
Promotional Poster
Foil Art
figure drawings
victorian woman holding tea cup with miniture gentleman caller and young woman in it
William Shakespeare with Sunglasses on
Man in bathtub with typewriter
Promotional Poster
Man playing guitar in smoke
Man and woman sitting upright on the floor
woman with guitar
woman in the wind looking ahead
group choir photo
woman looking over shoulder
women peaking out
charactature of TC Boyle
Man and woman in truck
Promotional Poster
promotional poster
two men
man staring off in the distance
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Man standing against the wall looking off into the distance
two men individual head shots
Woman standing against wall looking at you
5 people stand over you in a circle
woman leaning on a counter
Man headshot
woman and man
Black Heart Shape with a dead smiley face
Man standing outside with crossed arms
Man playing guitar on stage under lights
May 2022 Line Up
Promotional Poster
May standing infront of dilapadated house
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
A woman
Promotional Poster
man staring at you with clasped hands infront of his face
a mediterranean folk jazz ensemble
Man holding a trumpet
Iowa City Downtown District 10 Year Anniversary
Logo with Sun
Man on guitar woman singing
Woman posing while holding one leg at shoulder level
White background black lettering
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Hoodies Purses Hats
Jersies Sweaters Jackets
Interior Marco's Game Day
exterior Marcos Game Day
F and F
gift basket with baby toys towels and soaps
A wall of with racks and dresses
Linens and sunglasses
A basket of popcorn snacks
Blue logo on glass entrance door
Inside of George's Gyros Dinning Room
Gyro with Tzatiki Tomato and Onion
Gyro in a basket with french fries
Drum Circle
a miniture golf hole on the street
Man with Violin
A rainbow made of felt
A Kite in a Bird Shape
Doctor Who Tardis
Author Michael Gray
4 Spy Fiction Books
Anne Frank
Scrabble Board
Decorative Paper Butterflies
Candle holder with a poem on it
Promtional Poster
Decorations on Compact Discs
Dancers imposed on the old capitol
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Covers
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Covers
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Promotional Poster
Three Decorative Easter Eggs
Cory Hutchinson-Reuss and Kathleen Maris Paltrineri
Foiled Paperworks
Burlesque Dancers in Lingerie
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
One Man Band
Brett Westgrove performing at Elrays
a cowboy
Rastafarian Lion with Sunglasses
The Stage at Elrays
A Peace Symbol
One man, one beard, one guitar
One man in a jean jacket, sunglasses with a guitar
psycadelic guitar
Flaming Bag Pipes
Rock Band
The University of Iowa Pentacrest Lawn
Young man in sport coat playing guitar
3 men
Promotional Poster
Jam Band
Futrustic Man in a jumpsuit with a guitar
Album Cover woodcut with a bird on it
Tour Poster with dates
4 Rock & Roll Women
two men with long hair
promotional poster
Woman's face on a bottle of ranch
Henry Rollins in a lab coat waving
2021 Downtown block party drag show
Jazz Ensembler
Jet Liner Trails at sunset
1 man 2 women
Kriten Renee Miller
Man and a woman
Man walking down alley in a suit and tie
Man using hand to block out spotlight shining in his eyes
Black background with a light bulb raining plus symbols
Microphone with logo
Man playing cello with a microphone
Movie Titles and Dates
two shadows salsa dancing
Burlesque Performer in Lingerie
Iowa City, StoryWalk, Local Author
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Man with Guitar and tall bright hair
Burger Haul Illuminated Sign
Bass Therapy Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster with Tucker Brookshire and John Gasper
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Covers
Book Cover
Book Cover
Comedians Brody Stanford Antonette Stevens and Rachel Wade
Promotional Poster
Design on foil
Butterfly made out of foil
drawn figure
figure drawing
Art Auction Promotional Poster
Recital Hall
Large Concert Hall
Promotional Poster
Man in Shadow performing by microphone
Tig Notaro
one man
Kidz Klub promotional poster
5 band members on a couch
3 men standing in a picture frame
Band photo
Man with Banjo on Stage
Person sitting in a creek
Louisana Live
Hit LIke a Girl Promotional Tour Postere
5 Men standing by a lake
Minor Moons
Katy Kirby Promotional Tour Poster
All Them Witches Promotional Tour Poster
Belmont Promotional Poster
Band playing
man leaning on pool table with cowboy hat off
Man with a baseball cap
Drum Kit and Guitar
4 Men Looking Off In the Distance
Man Playing Guitar Outside
Halfloves Promotional Poster
a look inside Elray's Live & Dive
Three Men
Promotional Music Poster
woman looking over should at bar
Man Playing Guitar
Man playing String Bass
front entrance with bright mural
front room red bar height chairs and surf boards
front room mural with surf board tables and red bar height chairs
Hammock with Pillows
listen to 30 second clips of your favorite songs of the 80’s/90’s/00’s and current songs. gift cards go to musical bingo winners AND can be applied that evening!
featuring: Parti, Hektk, System Kids and DJ OC
Child writing
Photo Album
Teen Posing Parking Lot
Photo Frame Products
Photo Samples
Photo Books
Canvas Photos
City of Iowa City Logo
Dodge St Duo
St Burch Logo
Monthly Happy Hour
Ion Alexakis Romulan Johndope Shakes
Barstool Bench Mob at The Summit
Micky's Pub
Thursday Bingo at Wild Culture Kombucha
Exhibition Spotlight (Anne Frank PT I)
Ice Skating Iowa City Ped Mall
Joe's Place Logo
Cello with a scarf on