Saint Burch Tavern

Saint Burch Tavern

"Our Bear, Erstwhile & Always"

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St. Burch Tavern — aspiring counterpart of the timeless taverns and supper clubs immortalized by the brilliant men and women who gathered together under their hospitable roofs! A glance at the mementos covering the walls reveals the tavern’s kinship with the town and University. St. Burch aims to attract people who appreciate the best of food served in cordial surroundings. Today, this tavern flourishes without sacrifice of dignity and old-fashioned ideals. It bids its guests relax and refresh themselves within its friendly confines.

St. Burch Tavern Menu

Call (319) 341–7700 from 11a – 9p daily, or book online.
Reservations required for parties of 6 or more.

For more information and general inquiries, please contact


Monday−Thursday 11−10
Friday−Saturday 11−10:30
Sunday 11−9

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