Mektoub @ Goosetown Cafe

Goosetown Cafe

Piano: Ira Rapson Mandole Algerois and Voice: Nielo Gaglione Clarinet, Flute, Sax and more: Ryan Smith Drum: Justin Leduc Mektoub performs a repertoire of original music by singer-songwriter Daniel Gaglione, an Iowa immigrant from southern France. His compositional style is rooted in influences from reggae, jazz, and musical traditions from North Africa, and his joyful lyrics...

Elizabeth Moen @ Goosetown Cafe

Goosetown Cafe

Thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Moen to our outside music venue, North Linn Street. ----- Safety is our first priority. Seating is first-come-first-serve, once all available seats or marked spaces are accounted for, the maximum capacity will be reached. Masks will be required on site for all. ----- What to know: Seating will be arranged within...

Dan Padley & Blake Shaw @ Goosetown Cafe

Goosetown Cafe

Catch me and my best bud @theeblakebass at @goosetowncafe this Wednesday, Oct 7 from 5:30-8. Get your live outdoor music in before it hibernates for the winter!

Dan Padley @Goosetown Cafe

Goosetown Cafe

Friend of the restaurant Dan Padley will be making his Goosetown Café debut March 5th.  He's got a great site,, check it out! Featured on the curated Spotify playlist ListenICMarch2020 by the Iowa City Nighttime Mayor.



Goosetown Cafe

The Believer magazine hosts our final Lit Walk stop at Goosetown Cafe with authors who have appeared in their pages. The Believer, a five-time National Magazine Award finalist, is a bimonthly literature, arts, and culture magazine based at the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. In each issue, readers...