Downtown Iowa City will be featuring the shopkeepers that make local retail different 

The Iowa City Downtown District has launched a new twist on retail marketing for the over 60 retail shops part of the ICDD. With preparation work beginning in August, the ICDD Retail Committee, Benson and Hepker Design and Sculpt developed a new way to promote and market downtown Iowa City’s unique collection of locally owned shops, by focusing on what sets this cluster of retail apart from any other place; the Shopkeepers.

Downtown Iowa City shopkeepers are an eclectic mix of expert curators, makers, risk-takers and experience-creators.  These people that staff each store are the experts that make the experience of shopping here different. Each week, through June 2017 the Iowa City Downtown District will introduce the community to different Shopping Geniuses of downtown through captivating photography and videos.

See all of the features via Facebook and Instagram. See all of our shopkeepers that will be featured here on our website.