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April 5, 2019


DRYAD came into being within the wild forests and hidden ice caves of Iowa’s wilderness, a snarling primal force summoned from the darkened depths of the earth to combat our frenzied modern world. Featuring crusty dual vocals and relentless buzzsaw riffs, DRYAD is an anomalous combination of d-beat punk, old school death and atmospheric black metal that eludes easy classification. Citing diverse influences from bands like Nuclear Death, Die Kreuzen, and Catherine Wheel, their blackened forest filth continues to explore realms unknown in the extreme metal universe.

Since debuting The Black Pullet EP in early 2017, DRYAD has performed regularly with a wide variety of heavy acts, such as Street Sects, Blank Spell, Drugcharge, and Dawn Ray’d. Their second EP, The Silurian Age, was released to cassette in June of 2018, and has since been quietly gaining momentum in the underground metal scene across the globe. Inspired by the ancient seas that once blanketed the Midwest and the fossils that remain, The Silurian Age conjures up images of an untamed Earth inhabited by primordial creatures of the deep. They are currently working on their third release, an explosive split with Missouri bad boys Acid Leather, set for release on vinyl in spring 2019.

Claire Nunez – Vox/Guitar/Bass
Cal Murray – Vox/Guitar/Bass
Oliver LaFave – Percussion

Doors open TBA


April 5, 2019

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