Construction on the Pedestrian Mall has begun! From now until October, the Dubuque Street section of the Ped Mall will be renovated.

Here is some information to keep in mind: 

  • All businesses will be open as usual all summer. They will not need to close their doors.
  • The construction will affect a limited area; one block of roughly 20 Downtown block faces.
  • Directional signs have been placed on fencing to help people find their way and feel more comfortable as they navigate the area.
  • There will be more trees when the project is over, the number of trees will increase!
  • Look for new placemaking features of the ICDD on our website – the pop ups will be coming back as make-shift stages and activation areas along with different art projects in the alleyways.
  • The show will go on! Events like Friday Night Concert Series, the Block Party, Ragbrai, Shop Crawl, Sidewalk Sales, etc will continue to be held.

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