Mission Creek Festival

When: April 5, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Iowa City, Iowa

SCI-FI COLAB   6 p.m.   Motley Cow Cafe An experience at the intersection of food and art. Set in the heart of an intergalactic ship, watch humanity coalesce through spoken word, dance, food, drink and music.[...]

April 5, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Iowa City, Iowa
Festival Pass $164


  6 p.m.
  Motley Cow Cafe
An experience at the intersection of food and art. Set in the heart of an intergalactic ship, watch humanity coalesce through spoken word, dance, food, drink and music. Chef/publisher Drew Burk of Spork Press descends on Iowa City…

Reading Series


  7 p.m.
  The Mill
Join us for Writers of Color, a reading series featuring undergraduate and graduate writers of color at the University of Iowa. Featuring Benjamin Krusling, Regina Porter, Yvonne Cha, Tameka Cage Conley, & Melissa Mogollon.

with Ghostface Killah


  8 p.m.
  The Englert Theatre
The AWTHNTKTS (AW-THN-T-KTS) have been on the grind to spread the all-out fuckery that remains so persistent in their music, performances and appearances. Striving off the strength of their live sets and releases from Romulan (Sick Day 2014), ION (Coordinates 2011) and high anticipation for future release from members johndope, Johnny Sixx and Clarence Johnson, The AWTHNTKTS have quickly become the face of Iowa city Hip Hop…

with Bridget Kearney, Elizabeth Moen


  8 p.m.
  The Mill
Chicago’s Paul Cary knows a thing or two about grit. In his Iowa days, Cary was the front man for the seminal In The Red Records’ band, The Horrors (not the UK band, the gritty garage rockers from the depths of Iowa). During that time, Paul Cary drove taxis, hopped trains from Iowa City to San Diego, worked the door at local dive bars and toured…



  8 p.m.
  The Englert Theatre
Ghostface Killah is one the most accomplished lyricists of his generation. As a founding member of Wu-Tang Clan he helped shape the golden age of rap music, bringing a mix of narrative power and brilliant abstraction to his verses. As a solo artist he has made a number of classic albums including Ironman, Supreme Clientele, and Fishscale…

with Elysia Crampton, Lawrence English


  8:30 p.m.
MacMillan & Spengler take a dedicated look back at the golden era of electronic music, walking the same path as modern peers Bitchin Bajas, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Steve Moore. Ian MacMillan, who moonlights as a philosophy professor, approaches synthesis with left-brain, algorithmic creativity. He has been deejaying and making…

with Bridget Kearney, Paul Cary


  9 p.m.
  The Mill
Elizabeth Moen’s music came all at once, in what seemed like a fury at the bitter end of her college career. Playing guitar since middle school and singing old Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday covers at open mics, she finally began to write her own songs in September of 2015. Now residing in Iowa City…

with Elysia Crampton, MacMillan & Spengler


  9:30 p.m.
One of ambient music’s modern masters, Lawrence English is composer, media artist, and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He investigates the politics of perception, through live performance and installation, to create works that ponder subtle…

with Elizabeth Moen, Paul Cary


  10 p.m.
  The Mill
Lake Street Dive saw a mercurial rise to fame after their mellowed-out, soulful cover of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back” went viral. They continued to earn critical acclaim with their seamless vocal melodies and throwback style. They are a nationally-known band with a local influence in Bridget Kearney…

with Lifestyles, Greg Wheeler & the Polygamist Cops


  10 p.m.
  Iowa City Yacht Club
Gosh! Is a three piece band that plays minimal psychedelic dream pop. Formed in 2014, they released their self titled debut album and started touring the country. In 2016 they relocated from the Quad Cities to Chicago Illinois. Their second LP, Cities on the Plain, is coming out in March of 2017…

with Gosh!, Lifestyles


  10 p.m.
  Iowa City Yacht Club
Manic garage punk slime out of Des Moines. Featuring Greg Wheeler, Jill McLain-Meister and Joryn Brown.

with Lawrence English, MacMillan & Spengler


  10:30 p.m.
In an interview with the writer and academic Adam Harper last year, Elysia Crampton described folk music as connected to both the past and the future. Folk music, she said, testifies to the existence, past and present, of people otherwise erased or made invisible by oppression and genocide, and carries this testimony into the future through “the constant regeneration of all…

with Gosh!, Greg Wheeler & the Polygamist Cops


  11 p.m.
  Iowa City Yacht Club
Its shambling, grungy ’90s sound puts this wolf in mind of a Babes in Toyland-style alt-rock apocalypse—two thumbs up! — gossip wolf